“Once you begin to move, change is possible. I am here to help people create a ripple effect in their world. Transform yourself first, then witness the change in the world around you. Let’s move towards a Movement.” – Jamie Q.

Gold Class

My goal is that you experience strength – mentally, spiritually, and physically. I believe I’ve created a class that does just that. Come join us as I teach Gold on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7:30 AM!

I’ve been taking Jamie’s GOLD class for 3 months now and my entire body has changed. I feel stronger, leaner, more confident and connected with myself. I’ve never been an athletic person, but GOLD has been an empowering practice into the world of enjoying my health, honoring my strength and connecting my intentions with my body. Come sweat with me!
Photographer, Bad Ass Woman & Entrepreneur
The constantly changing, upbeat music inspired me to sing at the top of my lungs and while pushing myself harder than I thought possible. The GOLD workout utilizes movements you’re familiar with but in a way that it feels completely new and unique.
Mother of Two!
As good as the workout is, Jamie’s sunshine, encouragement and effervescence is what makes this class powerful and rewarding. Not only does her voice carry you through the intense moments but if you listen closely she will pass on life lessons you’ll be able to carry with you always.
Mother & Goddess
I started taking Jamie’s GOLD class to get in shape for a milestone birthday. I keep coming back because I simply feel good afterwards. I sweat at GOLD and then I have a killer day at work. I’m stronger than ever, happier than I have been in a while, and I love sharing this experience with other women. This community is rad.
Director & Mother to all!
I was tiring, my posture was failing, my legs burning, and I didn’t think I could do anymore but then Jamie said, “can you be in discomfort and stay open?” I screamed yes and pushed on!!!
Wife & Kindness Warrior
I just wish I could fly out to LA every morning to do a GOLD workout with Jamie. It is a heart-opening and body-strengthening experience, that everyone should try, at least once.
Wife & Marathon Queen


Together I will help you lower stress, improve your mood, boost your confidence and lower the risk of injury. Support me as I teach Yoga on Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM!

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Move & Transform Your Self

Let’s transform your total vibe by using our bodies to move. Its that simple… change the energy around you by changing yours first. At retreats we get to dive deep into this practice Let’s be proactive about using movement, food and music as our medicine.


Changing The World Through Love

As a Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach, I believe that food should be your medicine and that most diseases can be prevented through a healthy diet. Good health promotes happiness and better lifestyle choices.


Music Is The Voice Of My Soul

Over twenty years ago, I picked up my first violin, which fostered a love affair with music that remains with me to this day. For one day, let’s de-stress, lower anxiety, learn to meditate, and live a more wellness-oriented life.